Hi! Welcome to Honey P's!

Hi! Welcome to Honey P's!

Imagine if you will, every time you log on to honeypsboutique.com you hear me say "Hi! Welcome to Honey P's! How can I help you?"

The personal connection with each of you is something that I definitely miss with being an online store, but I try to take advantage of every pop up I host to meet you all.  It is so fun to hear stories of how you heard about me, or what your favorite pieces are, or even just get to know each of you and your stories. 

You can get to know me a little more under "About Me" but I want to make these post more personal and direct, but also quick:) 

Before kids, I was in the classroom as a teacher for 8 years, and I have always been passionate about helping children evolve as amazing individuals with confidence in who they are and want to be. Once my girls came into this world, it became more than a passion, but rather a mission. 

My mission in life now is to set an example for each of my three girls. An example of hard work, determination, and kindness. 

Please know that I am more than thankful for each visit to this website.  For each attempt to support my dream.  For each "like" on social media. 

I will continue to have this be a website for my clothing, but revisit often to connect with me via this blog.  I will post about motherhood, my life, and answer any questions that will allow us to have a connection like we would if you visited my store in person.



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